i have lucid dreams about short films in black and white.

Monday, December 28, 2009

i want to be good at something.

I don't like being unrealistically boring. I so wish I was genuinely good at SOMETHING. I mean I am good at some things like...
-stealing pens from people
-hoarding owl things
-saying "yes" to everything
-having creativity block
-attracting boys then being myself...
-laughing at the wrong things
-being nostalgic
-being nostalgic
-being nostalgic
-being REALLY nostalgic
-repeating myself
-washing my hands
-blinking, snapping, smiling
-hitting myself in the head
-forgetting which light switch is which
-having the "wrong" opinions
-staying up too late
-getting too close to the wrong people
-wishing for the impossible things
-getting dreams and reality confused
-writing, erasing, writing, erasing, writing, erasing.

Also, I have GIMP editor because I'm too cheap to get Photoshop and I was wondering...how in the world do you get layers to blend so well with the original picture??? Uhm yeah thats all. Just wondering. (:


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