i have lucid dreams about short films in black and white.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

dropping stomachs and warming hearts.

I'm terribly confused because dropping stomachs and warming hearts tend to feel the same. Do I feel sad yet grateful or possibly in such great awe but at the same time wanting what everyone else has. Its probably the last one.
I suck I suck I suck.
My photography sucks
My writing sucks
My school work sucks
My motivation sucks
My insides suck
My mind sucks
My heart sucks
My...uhm...I dunno anymore but I could list forever and ever and ever.
What a pitiful life I think I have and really its not that bad.


  1. but even if it sucks, do it anyway.
    and it'll get better.

  2. lauren. you don't suck. really. stop being such a stereotypical emotional teenager :P your photography's great. and everyone goes through an inspiration funk.... YA DON'T SUCK. enough said.

    this is myinnerjuno btw... stalking your blog lol.