i have lucid dreams about short films in black and white.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

no pretty pictures. just me trying to be witty.

I will write a poem without erasing a word. It might sound stupid but its what comes to mind and I think that's what it was supposed to be. Will be random. Somewhat funny ... maybe. Idk.

An eerie cloudy gloom
covers your writing room
moon splashes through your windows
sunlight caught in sparkly crystals
Mixing stars
writing words on your arms
Comparing megapixels.
Oceans the sizes of lakes
I know that your knees ache
But bloody blisters don't look good
against the icy snowy ground
Excuse me for asking
but what exactly was that silent sound?
A whisper of wind
or moans that twitter is down?
Tweaking reality for the good of my mind
Silently forgetting there is more than one kind
cul-de-sacs lead to dead ends
breaking even with our anxious tics
and honestly circles make me sick

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